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Edge Computing in Every Home

While Edge Computing is nothing new, it has recently seen a spike in interest and adoption in vertical corporate sectors. The need for data to be processed quickly, and cheaply, is beginning to outgrow the traditional cloud data center model. As datasets grow larger, driven by trends such as training of AI models, the need for compute and data storage residing together has become ever more important. And this is just the beginning.

According to a recently published article, worldwide spending on edge computing is expected to be $232 billion in 2024, up 15% from 2023 and reaching $350 billion by 2027. While these numbers reflect the corporate sector only, at PlanetX Labs we see this just the tip of the iceberg as home computing devices, such as the DASSET Data Hub, provide an always-on connection, with massive amounts of storage that will act as edge compute nodes for applications in development today. As we work with our OEM partners to build the hardware for the DASSET Data Hub, we're pushing the envelope of compute power, enabling these devices to be much more than just storage servers, but high-powered compute nodes that can share resources with applications, regardless of where the application session is initiated from.

We have a lot in the pipeline we're eager to share with the world - stay tuned to our blog as product becomes available, enabling anyone to participate in the sharing economy of compute, storage and networking.


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