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Your data is your asset

Unleash the power of AI to make your personal data work for you with DASSET.

Your data in one place

Our data is scattered across phones, computers and cloud services. DASSET brings it all together under one roof. Your roof.

Keep your data organized

DASSET’s intelligent search ensures your important documents and precious memories don’t fade away in the abyss of digital clutter.

Private and Secure

With DASSET, your data is safely stored on your Data Hub rather than a cloud provider.  Connecting to your data is encrypted at all times.

Who We Are

At the heart of PlanetX Labs is the belief that you are the sovereign owner of your data. Our software solutions enable this by reinventing the way you interact with your data using AI technologies.

Our Partners

We partner with leading hardware and software companies that provide the devices and software ecosystem for the DASSET Data Hub.

News and Blog

Your Data is Your Asset
Protect it with DASSET

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